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Word Productivity Features and Time-Saving Tips for Business Documents

Microsoft Word contains many new time-saving features for manipulating content, sharing, reviewing and collaborating with business documents. This course will cover editing, formatting, reviewing, and securing documents as well as integrating Excel data and charts into Word. Participants will learn how to save time with many quick tips and receive take-away templates and tutorial references for after class use. The content of this presentation applies to Word 2016, 2013, and 2010. (Format: hands-on, instructor-led group training)

  • Use document reviewing and comparing techniques effectively
  • Collaborate electronically with shared documents
  • Apply important editing and formatting features
  • Maintain document security
  • Use time-saving pre-designed business document templates
  • Create an interactive Table of Contents
  • Maintain a link for information originating in Excel
  • Compare forms in Word and PDF format

  • Use the tri-pane review panel to quickly identify differences between two documents
  • Use the new interface to merge changes by multiple reviewers
  • Track changes to protect and manage review edits
  • Clear markups for document security before sending a document
  • Protect a document from unauthorized changes
  • Package a single document or multiple documents in a pdf
  • Compare form features in Word and Adobe Acrobat
  • Create and save a document as a template for future use
  • Setup shared templates
  • Copy and link Excel ranges and graphs into a document
  • Use time-saving editing and formatting features
  • Create a table of contents and hyperlinks within a long report
  • Remove personal information metadata from file properties for security
  • Adjust security features including Protected View
  • Understand how to use merge fields
  • Understand new file formats
  • Use the time-saving contextual ribbon tools for formats and styles
  • Add tabs, tables, bullets and numbered lists to a document

CPAs and professionals at all levels of an organization who prepare and review content in business documents

Computer Software & Applications

Basic knowledge of MS Word

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