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Why Don’t We Say Yes? 21st Century Negotiating

This practical, interactive course prepares participants to negotiate using traditional skills adapted to today’s realities. It focuses on proven, fundamental principles of negotiating while considering game-changing issues like globalization, trust, culture, technology, brain science and even political correctness. In particular, it helps participants understand why people say no when they should say yes and vice versa.

  • Why don’t the good old fashioned negotiation tricks work so well any more Changing times demand changing approaches. The business world is more diverse, global, connected and complex than ever. Also, we know more about how people “tick” – mentally and emotionally. This course brings that knowledge to bear against the new challenges – and helps generate better negotiation outcomes. The course is taught by Greg Conderacci, a BLI Senior Fellow, marketing consultant, and a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.


Why does traditional negotiation fail

  • It emphasizes manipulation – the use of power
  • It assumes there are right and wrong “formulas” or words
  • It assumes everybody is alike
  • It ignores cultural, demographic and gender differences
  • It ignores differences in personality, experiences and needs. This course assumes negotiation is about
  • Meeting needs
  • Listening and discovery
  • Tracking energy flows
  • Understanding what’s in your negotiation “partner’s” head – and yours
  • Building trust

Anyone who might find themselves in negotiations, especially anyone in a leadership role

Negotiation/Relationship building experience

Business Learning Institute



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