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What CPAs Need to Know about Elder Fraud to Protect Themselves and Clients (1 to 4 hr)

Elder financial abuse is rarely a “family matter.” Most CPAs have either elderly clients or elderly family members who rely on them for protection. Elder fraud and abuse often becomes criminal, and CPAs can get caught in this trap. The AICPA alerted CPAs in the article, “The Growing Epidemic of Financial Elder Abuse” (see green link below).

  • To understand how exploitation of the elderly is a crime not a family or civil matter. Learn how CPAs can protect their clients and themselves. Recognize the red flag signs of financial exploitation of the elderly. Learn how to report the theft/fraud on behalf of the elderly victim.


All 5 of these case studies of elder exploitation had CPAs that prepared their tax returns…. Sweetheart Swindler – Tonya Weiss has been a career criminal who preys on older men who have lost their spouses and are lonely and vulnerable. What were the red flags she was draining their bank accounts?. Sweetheart Swindler – Charles Sellers came out of prison and met an elderly woman recently widowed at her church. After marriage Sellers maxed a line of credit her paid-for home. Irish Travelers – Mrs. Andrews answered a knock at her door. This group of home improvement scammers fleeced Ms. Andrews out of $5000. Bad Landscaper – Mrs. Bass was referred by a neighbor a local landscaper to restore her yard in the shape it used to be in prior to her husbands long illness and death. What she was left with was a nightmare. Greedy Daughter convinces her mother, who suffers from Dementia and Alzheimer’s, to move into the daughter’s home. The sons have spent over $200,000 in legal fees to recover their mother and stop the sister from draining their mother’s accounts. When Kessler got involved, the court appointed family CPA abruptly resigned.

CPAs in public practice, tax practitioners, auditors, clients, internal auditors, controllers, CFOs, executives and board members



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