Values-Based Leadership for Organizational Success

In this interactive workshop, the second in our Coming Home series, you will increase your understanding of your individual signature strengths and develop your personalized plan to leverage them to help you amp up your well-being, build your confidence and approach your life and work with renewed energy and ease. And here is the “Golden Goose:” living in alignment with your values is readily available to you and free once you get the hang of it. A few outcomes you are likely to experience as a result of living your values on a regular basis (according to the research): * greater well-being (physical and mental health) * increased happiness * decreased depression * decreased stress * increased engagement * increased hope. * more positive work experiences * a likelihood of experiencing your work “as a calling”

  • Participants will
  • Investigate their top VIA (Values in Action) Character Strengths aka signature strengths
  • Learn how to intentionally use their unique character strengths, on a daily basis, to enhance their well-being
  • Understand how to see others through the filter of character strengths and the link to enhancing relationships and team environments
  • Gain fresh perspective and tangible new strategies to living a values-aligned life, with greater resilience and ability to flourish

  • Learn about evidence-based theory of morally valued ways of thinking, feeling and acting that contribute to a fulfilling life
  • We all have all 24 values – regardless of which character strengths are used, the congruent use of character strengths in the situational circumstances at work is important for fostering job satisfaction, pleasure, engagement, and meaning in one’s job
  • Strategies on how to use the values insights to continue to gain benefits from this body of work well after the learning
  • How understanding values helps retain top talent.

Anyone who wants to enrich their life and work experience and well-being by increasing the awareness, exploration and application of their character strengths and values in action.

Preferred but not required: completion of the VIAMe Character Assessment (free, on-line)

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