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Take Your Excel Spreadsheets to the Next Level with Advanced Features

Chances are you use Excel on an everyday basis. If so, this course is designed to teach you a plethora of powerful features that Excel has to offer to take your data analysis and presentation to the next level. If you’re doing a lot with Excel already, this course will be invaluable because of the tools you will learn to help you build them quicker, more accurately and to provide more powerful data analysis. This IS NOT a hands-on course, but to get the most out of the presentation we recommend that you bring your laptop to follow along. The instructor example files will be available prior to class.

  • Upon completing this course, you will have the ability to:
  • Debug formulas and find spreadsheet errors.
  • Design spreadsheets with greater efficiency.
  • Setup spreadsheets for easy data analysis.
  • Use advanced analytical tools to present detailed data.


Some of the specific topics that will be covered include:

  • How to audit your spreadsheets to detect errors in formula logic.
  • Advanced formula building and debugging.
  • Best practices for setting up your spreadsheets for data analysis and reporting.
  • Introduction to the new Excel Power Business Intelligence tools.
  • Learn to use conditional formatting to make your data stand out.
  • Best practices for creating accurate spreadsheets.
  • Learn to use Pivot Tables to slice & dice your data.

Anyone who uses Excel and wants to build better spreadsheets.

A good understanding of Excel

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