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Reading Clients Minds and Understanding How They’re Reading Yours

This fun program helps you determine minute-by-minute whether your approach to influencing others is working. Learn the art of reading customer tells a skill which has made millions of dollars at the poker table for many. Participants will review the science of body language and Microexpressions the specific and involuntary movements of the 43 human facial muscles indicating contempt, disgust, fear and myriad other motivating emotions and gain an understanding of how to use the powers of observation to better read their environment. (also available as a keynote or 4 hours)

  • Understand how and why the brain telegraphs our intentions
  • Enhance your powers of observation so you may better read your environment
  • Understand the language of your feet, legs, torso, arms and hands
  • Be able to recognize the fleeting facial microexpressions that cannot be consciously controlled
  • Understand your own communication preferences and be able to better align them with those you wish to influence

  • How the Brain Works: A quick tour of the triune brain structure
  • Inattentional Blindness: Games and exercises to understand why we dont see whats right in front of us
  • A Walking Tour of the Body: Learn about the most honest part of the body and participate in several exercises to observe your own body language, and that of your colleagues
  • Microexpression Training: Take a baseline assessment to learn your natural ability to read faces
  • Four Quadrant Profile: Personal preferred modes of communicating and receiving information
  • Learn how you best interact and how to spot the preferences of others

Anyone seeking another tool in the arsenal of influence


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