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Proposing to Win: Increasing Your Odds with RFPs

Formal requests for proposal (RFP) arise in many forms and consume a great deal of time and energy for accounting firms. Due to the inherent number of firms invited to propose, the win rate is often unsatisfactory relative to the magnitude of the investment required. This course will focus on how RFPs are solicited, qualified, developed and presented, along with practical ideas to assist accounting organizations and their professionals increase their winning percentage.

  • Better manage the lead generation and screening process for responding to RFPs
  • Improve the preparation, quality and presentation of RFPs
  • Utilize a set of tools to assist in making the “value for fees” proposition more attractive
  • Increase the overall win rate

  • Requests for proposal come in many forms. Understanding the source of the referral, composition and personalities of the decision-makers, number of firms, length of quote, reasons for change, etc. all affect one’s decision as to whether to respond to the opportunity, and how best to structure the proposal team, qualifications and content.
  • Drafting the proposal is only half the battle - how it is presented to the prospect can make the difference between winning and losing. This course will discuss best practices for delivering and presenting proposals, with the goal of having the presentation complement what has already been provided in written form.
  • In addition to base fees, there are a number of ways to enhance proposals to differentiate your service offering and make them more attractive relative to the competition. This course will present various strategies, based on actual client examples, which will help increase your overall win percentage.

Public accounting professionals who are engaged in practice development activities, including marketing, sales, and proposals. Typically, this would include Managers, Directors, Senior Managers and Partners/Principals


Experience level of manager and above.

Proposing to Win: Increasing Your Odds with RFPs



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