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Practitioner’s Guide to Assisting Clients when Buying or Selling a Closely-held Business

When a client considers purchasing or selling a business, sound advice from the practitioner is needed. Tax expertise is but one necessary ingredient. A working knowlege of real estate, insurance, and financing issues is indispensable. This course provides an understanding of the multitude of considerations to be addressed by clients in the purchase or sale of a closely-held business based upon a review of the various legal documents that are commonly created to memorialize the transaction between the parties. Having an understanding of the various provisions found or considered in these legal documents will prove to be beneficial to a practitioner in counseling a client in such a transaction. This course is not intended to teach the participant how to draft legal documents and/or clauses, as the drafting of such documents and/or clauses is the function solely of a lawyer duly licensed in the jurisdiction within which the client resides. This course is not meant to teach the participant the subject of practicing law.

  • Structuring the transaction
  • Letters of intent versus agreements of sale
  • Key processes in purchase/sell agreements
  • Stock sale versus asset purchase
  • Considerations when selecting the proper form of entity for a buyer
  • Insurance issues
  • Real estate issues
  • Lender/financing issues
  • Dealing with landlords
  • Dealing with attorneys
  • Dealing with franchisers

CPAs, finance professionals, financial planners.




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