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Position Your Organization for Success: Strategies for Today’s Competitive Environment

In today’s economic environment financial professionals must play an active role in positioning their organization for success. Think about the following, and other related questions. How did your organization fare during the last recession? Is it prepared for the current and future competitive environment? Does your financial group still perform its tasks as it did several years ago? CPAs must foster innovation within the financial team and throughout their organizations. Gone are the days when financial staffs were viewed solely as being responsible for recording results and issuing reports. The ability to quickly turn data into useful information, accelerate the decision-making process, incorporate efficient safeguards, provide a pipeline of qualified professionals, and maximize financial returns are requirements today. To successfully perform these and a growing list of other responsibilities, financial professionals not only need to be well-grounded in their core technical skills, but also in non-traditional skills. This program provides specific ideas and actions that can improve both today’s activities and future results.

  • Identify significant business trends and ways to add value in your organization.
  • Determine how to organize the finance function to meet current and future responsibilities.
  • Analyze why new ideas and programs can fail.
  • Identify ways to improve your ability to hire, manage, and retain skilled professionals.
  • Analyze the current economic and competitive environment.
  • Apply insights into improving an organization's decision-making process.

  • Managing the finance function in a turbulent competitive environment
  • Incorporating strategic thinking throughout the organization
  • Accelerating the decision-making process
  • Providing a pipeline of skilled professionals
  • Developing a successful compensation program.
  • Pareto analysis

Owners, controllers, treasurers, financial officers, and other financial managers in organizations with less than $250 million in sales


Management experience in accounting, finance, or operations

Position Your Organization for Success: Strategies for Today’s Competitive Environment



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