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Performance, Productivity and Profit: Creating the Higher Energy Organization

Time management is sooo 20th century. You can’t get any more hours in the day – but you can get more energy for yourself – and infuse your organization with it. These days, it’s personal energy management that makes the difference in performance, productivity and profit. Athletes, entertainers, astronauts, trial attorneys and the military train constantly to be physically and mentally ready to perform as a peak energy team over short periods of time – a game, a show, a flight, a trial or an engagement. Yet in business, professionals attempt to perform at high levels over many weeks and months, often without much of a break. As a result, they experience performance-sapping low morale, burnout and turnover. This course will show you how to change your outlook and approach by tapping secrets and strategies from sports, science, psychology, literature and even history.

  • Be able to harness and focus your energy and your organization’s for peak performance when it matters
  • Understand “energy sinks” that can sap your organization’s strength when you need it most and learn how to avoid them
  • Develop strategies to improve your firm and the health and careers of every one in it

  • Learning to manage your energy effectively
  • Developing the ability to identify where your firm’s energy is being spent – and lost
  • Understanding the different types of energy and what they can do for you
  • Knowing why your people are tired and what to do about it
  • Balancing the mental game and the physical game
  • Training for the kind of energy you need most.



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