Next Step – How to Train Workers to Manage and Managers to Lead

Have you got talent on the cusp of transitioning from great worker to a good mid-level manager or a good manager you want to see step up to leadership, but something’s missing? They’re not “quite there”? Then this course is for them. This session will empower your best talent to take the step from tactical to strategic. The shift in skill set between a good worker and a good manager and leader is subtle but significant and staff can spend years on the precipice of this transition, many stalling out, never successfully making it to the next level – they lack the confidence to step up or the know-how to make that subtle but powerful paradigm shift that puts them at the next level. Give your team the confidence and skills to step into effective leadership and to confidently take more responsibility and rise together.

  • Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Recognize what good managers and leaders provide to their teams
  • Identify the key differences between workers, managers and leaders
  • Identify questions to keep teams moving forward with their “eye’s on the prize”
  • Identify and leverage team expertise
  • Respond to push back from team members
  • Recognize how to communicate with respect
  • Recognize power versus influence

  • Delegate effectively
  • Meetings Management
  • How to communicate and accept timely feedback
  • Taking initiative and responsibility
  • How to step up to the next level – the key differences between workers, managers and leaders
  • Power vs. Influence
  • Building a powerful support team and how to delegate to them
  • Getting buy-in
  • Establishing accountability
  • Identifying and leveraging team expertise
  • Adopting a “buck stops here” attitude

This is for experienced hires and staff that are newly promoted or staff on the fast track.

Senior level experience or higher

Business Learning Institute



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