Move Up or On

Learn how to apply success principles to become clear about what you want and be decisive about getting it. The application of success principles is what creates peak performers and anyone can do it. This program will help you restart a stalled career, make a career change you may have been fearing or putting off, or to go for the next level with the confidence and a belief in yourself that may have been missing. This is a self-esteem building, confidence-lifting experience.

  • Learn how to recognize when it might be time to “move up or on” and what to do next
  • Learn how to identify life purpose and set goals that are aligned your purpose
  • Learn how to audit your life/career and identify specific opportunities and clear next steps for taking the most impactful action
  • Find out what your internal and external “hides/shows” and how these impact your performance and quality of life
  • Identify what fears drive you forward and which ones hold you back
  • Take away tools and methods for addressing fears that may be holding you back
  • Learn how to use, feedback, mastermind groups and accountability partnerships to support you and your goals
  • Learn how to write goals that inspire you to take action and support them with clear follow up actions
  • Learn how to ask, ask, ask and new perspectives on how to respond to “no”

  • We’ll identify your key impact areas and ways to start taking effective, meaningful action immediately
  • Do constructive goal setting exercises that allow you to focus, take action and measure progress
  • A ‘Passion Test’ to identify your priorities and passions
  • Learn the power of feedback and how to use it to shorten the time is takes you to achieve your goals
  • Complete exercises to identify the blocks keeping you from achieving your goals
  • Receive tools, templates and audio resources to keep the momentum going
  • After taking this seminar, it’s not uncommon for participants to decide it’s time to ‘Move Up or On’ personally or professionally. Expect this seminar to inspire positive change.

Attend this course if you want take your career and life to the next level and move up or on. The usual outcomes of attending this training are clarity, focus and motivation to move forward and set and achieve bigger goals. The exercises and content support individual esteem and confidence and inspire attendees to believe in themselves and take action. Participants learn success practices, mindsets and behaviors that, when applied, can move them into the range of peak performers and high achievers.

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