Microsoft OneNote 2013 Digital Note-Taking and Collaboration

Explore OneNote features that can improve time management skills, including note-taking, researching, tracking task lists, scheduling with Microsoft Outlook and collaboration with clients. OneNote also makes it easier to collect and review lecture and meeting information by allowing for audio recording and searching the audio recording for specific spoken words or phrases and timing of notes. Research can be accomplished on the web and links are maintained so you know where you found the information. Excel content can be placed in notebook pages as well as tables and full documents. This course will compare and contrast OneNote with other apps and also show how to access notes across multiple devices. Attendees will receive practical information and tips. This course applies to OneNote versions 2016, 2013, and 2010. Course format choices are: instructor-led hands-on group training; or lecture/demonstration with live demo.

  • Develop digital note-taking skills, note collaboration skills and note synchronizing skills with Microsoft OneNote which will allow you to create and update notes, manage lists and outlines, search, add content including voice memos, pictures and video, take notes in meetings, and interact with other Microsoft software programs

  • Explore the structure of a OneNote notebook
  • Add content to and organize your OneNote notebook including Excel spreadsheets, audio, video, files, internet browser screen captures
  • Use tags and search
  • Manage OneNote notebooks, history, and backups
  • Work with Excel spreadsheets and other embedded files
  • Share and collaborate with notebooks in the cloud
  • Finalize pages and notebooks for printing or emailing

CPAs, accountants, finance professionals at all levels of an organization who need to acquire digital note-taking and note collaboration skills with Microsoft Office OneNote and incorporate these skills in their standard work environment while using a laptop, desktop, tablet or other mobile device

Some familiarity with Microsoft Onenote or digital note-taking

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