MBAexpress: Building a Stronger Professional Network - V 2.0

MBAexpress: Building a Stronger Professional Network - V 2.0

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Networking is one of the most powerful tools accountants can develop, but it takes time, energy and commitment in order to build a strong network. Having a strong network will assist you in launching a new idea or plan, developing new business and clients, reducing costs in recruiting, and leveraging your career.

  • Identify network types
  • Identify four steps to building your network
  • Recognize key influencers for building your network
  • Recognize best practices when attending conferences or business networking events
  • Social networks
  • Professional Networks
  • Clique versus entrepreneurial networks
  • Types of Influential People
  • Building Your Network
  • Following-up with new clients
<ul> <li><span style="font-weight: 400">CPAs and other professionals looking to develop new business and clients and leverage their career.</span></li> </ul>
Communications and Marketing
Business & Industry
  • None
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