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Making the Deal: Fast-Paced Acquisition Case Studies

You will lead your company’s due diligence team for sale or growth through acquisition. Your team will estimate the value of the target and then negotiate a deal with an opposing team. In your limited time, how do you determine and agree on a fair price? Where do you direct your focus? How do you get the other team off their positions? You will need to think on your feet. You will focus on financial analysis, including forecasting. Identify diligence red flags, think “outside-the-box” and then negotiate to “make the deal.” Fast-paced case studies will put you in the driver’s seat. What would you do? This seminar lets you practice and prepare for real-life.

  • Provide participants an opportunity to practice M&A analysis using the case method.


Topics Discussed:

  • Identify red flags
  • Make strategic decisions in real time
  • Identify company culture issues
  • Value businesses
  • Negotiate the right price and Make the Deal
  • Understand the keys to effective and efficient negotiation
  • Prepare and review negotiation points
  • Plan and execute a negotiation
  • How to move the other side off their positions
  • Turn Deal Breakers into Deal Makers Cases and Group Discussion Five seminar case studies from real-life transactions will immerse you in significant cash flow and “buy-sell” issues you must resolve. Time limits will generate real-life time pressures.

Finance and accounting professionals who seek to learn more about negotiating acquisitions and divestitures

None, although knowledge and understanding of ASC 805 (formerly FAS 141R) as well as how to forecast and/or model outcomes will be helpful.

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