Making Learning Stick: Immersion and Application

“In a world that shows no signs of slowing down, no individual can rest on his or her intellectual laurels… The future belongs to those organizations, as well as those individuals, that have made an active, lifelong commitment to continue to learn.” Howard Gardner, Five Minds for the Future (2009, HBS Press) But what about the transfer and application of that learning? The primary purpose of learning, development, and CPE is to improve business and personal results – it rarely happens. This immersive learning experience guides you in applying the models and frameworks of the Progression of Learning Value (POLV™) in a proven six-step process for achieving measurable results from your learning and development initiatives, meetings and other initiatives. This program includes two days of classroom experience plus three, two-hour follow-up virtual-collaboration sessions approximately two, four and eight weeks after the course. During these follow-through sessions, participants will share and discuss experiences, issues, success stories and ideas for future improvement and application. This is what it takes to make learning stick.

  • Develop and practice applying the skills for making learning stick – designing and delivering transformational development programs and meetings that lead to business application, behavior change, and documented results


Learn and practice applying the POLV™ and the Six Disciplines that lead beyond understanding to application, change and measurable results:

  • Define clear and measurable business and personal outcomes
  • Design complete experiences – processes not events.
  • Deliver programs in ways that ensure transfer and application
  • Drive follow through and practice to build new habits
  • Deploy and access appropriate support
  • Document, measure, and report results

Learning and business leaders concerned with delivering measurable business results from learning programs, meetings, events, and development initiatives. This learning experience can be customized for a learning team within an organization.

Personal Development

There will be selected readings from two primary texts which serve as foundations of this program: The Experience Economy (HBS Press, 2011) and The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning (Pfeiffer, 2006). Participants should come to the program with a specific learning or meeting project in mind that they are designing, have designed, or in which they have participated.

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