Make it Personal – Achieiving Success in Your Business Relationships

In today’s digital business environment of instant everything, the value of personal client relationships and face-to-face interaction with clients, prospects and employees has never been more critical. This course will focus on the development of personal skills and traits, along with practical tools, that will allow accounting professionals to achieve success in their business relationships.

  • Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Implement tools and strategies to proactively manage client relationships, leading to enhanced client satisfaction and business development success
  • Recognize situations where face-to-face interaction and personal style and effort will be more effective methods of communication than email, telephone or instant messaging
  • Identify and narrow the perception gap that exists between you and your client relative to the expectations, importance and value of what you do
  • Apply practical knowledge gained from life-long learning activities to enhance client service and business development activities

  • Successful practitioners make things happen – they anticipate and resolve issues before they become problems. They don’t run from trouble, fail to respond when they don’t immediately know an answer, wait for the phone to ring, or react at the last minute. This course will provide you with relevant examples and tools you can immediately utilize to enhance your ability to be one of those successful practitioners who “makes things happen”.
  • In today’s business environment, email, telephone and instant messaging are not a substitute for the importance and value of periodic face-to-face interaction and communication with your client. Are client relationships strictly business, or to what extent can they also be personal? We will identify different client personalities and management styles and discuss ways to modify and develop one’s behavior and approach to optimize interpersonal relationships.
  • There exists a perception gap between you and your client relating to the expectations, importance and value of what you do. As a result, clients see many things differently than you do. This course will help you to better understand the perception gap and provide tools to better communicate with your client and narrow the gap.
  • As your career advances, the strengthening and development of your people and interpersonal skills will be equally or more important than your technical skills. This applies not only to client relationships, but also to the mentoring and development of the next generation of leaders in your own organization. We will discuss ways to take advantage of life-long learning opportunities that exist in the accounting profession, and best practices to effectively convert such knowledge into proven strategies for client, business and personnel development.

The course is designed for accounting professionals who are engaged in, or on track to be engaged in, a lead role in client relationships and business networking and development. Typically, this would include, Managers, Directors, Senior Managers and Partner/Principals. In addition, such accounting professionals would typically have responsibilities for mentoring, coaching and personnel development within their own organization

Personal Development

Experience level of Manager and above

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