Lean into Change, and Embrace the Possibilities

The one thing that we can be absolutely certain of is that we will be confronted by change. Some of these changes will occur due to choice. Some changes will be thrust upon us. What really matters is our response to change. Since change is inevitable, what might happen if we lean into it? If we embrace change, rather than resist? If we learn to use change as a catalyst to do great things?

  • Upon conclusion of this keynote presentation, attendees will have a new perspective on change and will be able to:
  • Name three strategies to help them lean into change and use change as a catalyst to do great things.
  • Describe distinctions between “change by choice” and “change that was thrust upon”.

  • A story of profound change: The presenter will share a personal story of extreme change that was thrust upon her more than 20 years ago, and strategies she employed throughout the years to embrace change rather than resist
  • Three important strategies will be outlined, supported by personal and professional stories that illustrate how anyone can lean into change: a. It takes a village, or several! No one has to face change alone. We all must learn to accept help, ask for help, and offer help; b. Engage in storytelling to lean into change. Stories are powerful in making connections to the intangible. By engaging in storytelling, we connect ourselves to others, we connect others to us, and we connect people as well as ideas. And those connections foster acceptance of change; c. Link the passions of your spirit and heart to lean into change and discover possibilities never imagined. By acknowledging our passions, and connecting them, we unharness new ideas that engage our energies in fresh and exciting ways. We uncover new opportunities to use change as a catalyst to do great things.
  • Change by Choice or Change that was Thrust Upon: distinctions will be made between the two. And yet change is change, according to the stress scale proposed by researchers Holmes and Rahe
  • A concluding story of Change by Choice: The presenter will conclude with a personal story of recent change, and will share continued lessons learned. She will close with a favorite quote about change, which literally changed her life.

Organizations who want to inspire their members and staff to embrace change, rather than resist.

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