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Expired – Leadership in the New Normal

The definition of leadership has changed as we’ve evolved into the information age. We are no longer bound by the hierarchies of our firms, but instead are leading across companies, sectors, and traditional boundaries. This kind of leadership requires three key competencies: * Strategic, future-minded flexibility * Strength-based leadership * Leadership that comes from personal power rather than position power so that it can be utilized across a network and not be limited to traditional org chart channels. This full day session is designed to engage participants in exploring the changing definition of leadership, the strength assets they bring to the proverbial table, leveraging the recent evidence-based findings in the science of well-being in the workplace, and the art of facilitating conversations that change the trajectory of ideas. It is designed to provide new information and an opportunity for participants to apply that information in the contexts of their everyday lives so that we go beyond theory and into practice.(This program is available in 8 and 16 hour formats)

  • The participant will:
  • Create a shared definition of leadership and recognize how that definition has changed over time.
  • Identify and apply your strengths in your leadership
  • Understand the value of positive interactions and work environments
  • Learn the secrets to facilitating productive conversations
  • Practice the art of asking powerful questions
  • Apply learnings to real-life scenarios

  • Interactive session design that includes new theory, integration and application components.
  • Integrates the recent evidence-based learning from the science of well-being and strength-based leadership.
  • Addresses the complexities of the multi-generational work environment.
  • Most importantly creates a cadre of leaders who understand how to lead within a networked environment rather than a hierarchical one

All who are leaders within thier organiizations or aspire to be leaders

Personal Development

The ability to embrace strategic thinking and future-minded flexibility

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