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From Slow Death to Sweet Success: Seven Survival Strategies

Life is full of what the British euphemistically call, bad patches, difficult times that can transition to a far better life — or not. Yet history is full of strategies that can turn a career (or a life) around. From Robinson Crusoe to POWs in the Hanoi Hilton, these are the stories and strategies that can help you get out of a rut before it becomes a grave! This interactive, full-day program is for anyone, but especially for those who must lead others through periods of intense change.

  • Make the decisions and take the actions necessary to change direction in your firm, career or personal life, and keep your cool at the same time

  • Tips, tricks and tactics for wresting victory from the jaws of defeat
  • Freezing is a slow and (almost) painless death: how to recognize the big chill in your life and get the blood circulating again
  • Recovering from the home run pitch: what to do with that cinderblock in your stomach when the other team wins big — thanks to your mistake
  • Fatigue makes cowards of us all: what to do when work-hard/play-hard doesn’t work anymore
  • What price freedom Do desperate times require desperate measures
  • Endurance: when is it good When is it bad
  • Changing your mind: so much for staying the course
  • Too many choices
  • Finding focus

Leaders who need to establish a clear direction for themselves and others

Management experience

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