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Executive Finance for Operating Leaders: Relating Numbers and Metrics to Reality

Numbers are a second language to you, but how can you explain them to your colleagues and clients, quickly and efficiently This course will show you how to create an ongoing operations finance and business reporting structure that can be understood by anyone. You will also learn to convert the numbers into at-a-glance pictures, allowing non-financial people to feel comfortable working with, communicating about and making decisions with financial statement data. This course also teaches a proven method for hard-wiring the cash-flows to the balance sheet; completing quick and accurate trail-balanced what-ifs; and how to develop and test key performance indicators. Youll also learn how to apply Three Bottom Line Performance to real numbers using Financial Scoreboard Software ( Two secret financial tools behind IBM’s sensational success in the sixties and seventies are presented in this workshop by a colleague of Louis R. Mobley, the inventor. Mobley was the founding director of the IBM Executive School at Sand’s Point and author of Beyond IBM: Leadership, Marketing and Finance for the Future. This workshop will give you much more developed tools than IBM had to accomplish its phenomenal growth and success.

  • Actively involve operating people in relating to the numbers
  • Create direct cash statements quickly and simply
  • Automatically trial-balance what-ifs you can take to the bank
  • Strategy for identifying and testing your best performance measures
  • Understand why non-financial people have so much difficulty with financial information
  • Give colleagues and clients the confidence to appreciate and use financial statements using simple, but powerful financial tools of the three bottom lines and the twelve drivers.

  • Why business people are confused by financial statements
  • How IBM succeeded in the golden years by solving the non-financial executives difficulties with accounting information
  • The financial scoreboard: relating the balance sheet, income and cash statements
  • How to use Financial Scoreboard Software for analysis and what-ifing
  • Why FASB 95
  • How the Three Bottom Lines relate to assuring businesses can be financially successful
  • How to present cash-flows non-financial people can use
  • Review of how the DuPont formula can be a power tool for success
  • Understanding the 12 key drivers and how to apply them
  • The power of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

CPAs in industry and public practice who want to better utilize numbers as an essential resource to engage the leadership running the business

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Financial management experience

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