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Excel Refresher and Update

This refresher course covers Excel Worksheet features in a fast-paced format to benefit beginner through intermediate level users. The many new business productivity enhancements in Excel will be covered. Participants will learn about file compatibility issues with earlier versions of Excel and how to save time with many quick tips. The content of this presentation applies to Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016. (Format choices: “Lecture/Demonstration with live demo” or “hands-on, instructor-led group training”)

  • Utilize proven single and multiple worksheet design techniques
  • Use time-saving data entry techniques
  • Create a variety of formulas and functions and use new structured referencing and formula autocomplete
  • Create relative and absolute formula references
  • Move and copy data by using shortcut menus, mouse pointer shapes and many tips
  • Restructure worksheets to accommodate new data, columns and rows
  • Use the time-saving ribbon tools and customize the quick access toolbar
  • Use time-saving keyboard shortcuts
  • Change the appearance of worksheet data by using business formatting techniques and the new table styles gallery
  • Use fast formatting with the new cell styles
  • Use border line combinations and features for separating lines for financial reports
  • Use a variety of print options and the new page layout view for single page and multiple page worksheets
  • Uae multiple worksheet features
  • Incorporate worksheet data into bar and pie charts using the new chart features
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of paste, paste as picture and paste link Excel data and charts to Word or PowerPoint

  • Complete the course having learned many Excel tips
  • Use formula building techniques and learn new functions
  • Compare relative and absolute formula references
  • Learn how to save time with Excel keyboard shortcuts and new ribbon features
  • Use the new Table feature for manipulating lists
  • Compare the Table to the Pivot Table
  • Incorporate new bar graph and pie chart templates into an Excel file for presentation quality graphics
  • Understand formatting techniques to enhance the presentation of worksheet data
  • Understand time-saving design and printing features for single or multiple page worksheets

CPAs and Professionals at all levels of an organization needing to save time with the day-to-day features of Excel

Computer Software & Applications

Familiarity with Microsoft Excel

Business Learning Institute



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