Excel Power User: Macro Programming using Visual Basic for Applications

Enhance your productivity and save time with Excel macros. This course will teach you how to work effectively with the Visual Basic Programming language as it applies to Excel, use the Excel Visual Basic Editor to create macro code and create macros that go beyond the capabilities of the macro recorder. The material is presented in an exceptionally easy-to-follow format with examples, clear definitions of terms and useful take-home examples. The content of this presentation applies to Excel 2016, 2013, and 2010. (Format: “hands-on, instructor-led group training”)

  • Design, create and test many macro examples in Excel
  • Apply easy-to-follow in-class relevant business examples
  • Take away a library of useful macro code and examples

  • Understand Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Run macros in a variety of ways
  • Use the macro recorder
  • Examine module design
  • Edit code in the Visual Basic Editor
  • Assign macros to objects
  • Create decision-making code using the If Then Else decision structure
  • Create code for looping structures
  • Use a For Next statement
  • Use a Do Loop statement
  • Use Macro management rules
  • Use the Personal Macro Workbook for generic macro code
  • Assign sub procedures to run automatically
  • Create code to interact with the user and gather information from the user
  • Use the custom message box
  • Use the custom input box
  • Assign macros to worksheet buttons and keyboard shortcuts
  • Test and debug macro code
  • Protect and hide macro code

CPAs and Professionals at all levels of an organization needing to automate tasks in Excel beyond the capability of the macro recorder in order to save time performing repetitive report generation, data cleanup, data analysis and worksheet manipulation

Advanced Excel training or equivalent experience

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