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Critical Thinking Skills: For Financial Professionals

“What were they thinking?” Why do business leaders sometimes make decisions that severely damage themselves and their organizations* It is tempting to assume a poor choice of action must have been due to a leader’s incompetence, inexperience, bad character, or low intelligence – but reality is much more complex. Choose this seminar to understand why common and easily attributed factors generally aren’t the true cause when leaders and organizations blunder. In the aftermath of bad business decisions, many turn to finance and accounting professionals for evaluation, answers, remedies, and solutions. This seminar provides conceptual and case study material to better equip you for the challenge.

  • How to evaluate critical elements of a leader’s decision-quality capability
  • How to recognize factors that can sabotage decision-making
  • How outstanding leaders use problem-finding skills to eliminate problem-solving fire drills
  • How to develop an organization’s talent for preempting threats before they can become disasters
  • How organizations can use vigilant decision-making in high-risk scenarios to still perform reliably
  • How to overcome three major decision quality obstacles: indecision, internal conflict, and time pressures Cases and Group Discussion This seminar includes group discussion of three exercises or case studies.

Corporate Financial Managers




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