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CPA Succession Planning

The old paradigm for retiring from public practice no longer applies. CPAs are often working longer than before due to the economy, longer life expectancy, and maybe, just maybe, because they actually like what they are doing. It is not enough to assume that there will be a next generation of eager, younger CPAs standing in line for the opportunity to take over your practice and (hopefully) fund your long awaited retirement when and how you want. Careful planning is necessary in order to have a practice that has value and is an attractive investment, to identify the right successor for your clients, to provide you with the exit strategy that fits your personal goals, and to implement a long term succession strategy that is practical for all parties. But isn’t that what we have been telling our clients to do? Now it is time to explore the unique aspects of succession planning for us. It could get rather personal, but it most certainly will be important if you want to retire and to be retired the way you and your family wants.

  • Identify the challenge
  • Implement strategies and allow for options and alternatives
  • Include trusted advisors
  • Incorporate proper financial planning with emotional needs
  • Set proper expectations for timing and economic realization

  • Where and when do I start?
  • How to develop a succession plan for you practice
  • Looking at the different possible exit strategies
  • Balancing what you want with what you should reasonably expect.

Practitioners whose clients include owners of closely held businesses


Nichols Patrick CPE, Inc



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