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Communications with Executive Presence for Business Success

Each day business leaders and their staff are involved in a variety of communications with customers and colleagues that make or break their success. Whether making a good first impression or masterfully handling conflict or negotiations, strong communication skills are essential to profitability and growth. This highly interactive workshop will introduce participants to seven communication strategies followed by small group exercises where they can apply their knowledge to real-life examples. Content includes tactics on de-scalating conflict through the use of I-messages, employing principle-based vs. position-based negotiation skills, writing short but effective emails, recognizing gender differences in communication styles, and reading non-verbal cues. Attendees will depart with practical tips and techniques that they can immediately apply and coach others within their own organizations to assure business success.

4-hour workshop (including breaks), where content is delivered and discussed, followed by small group breakouts of 3 with rotating roles of communicators and observers. Content delivery will include a few video clips from TED Talks.

  • Cite strategies for building rapport through effective listening and focus skills, including observance of non-verbal cues.
  • Manage and deescalate stressful conversations by delivering I-messages to describe behavior and feelings without conveying judgment.
  • Describe the benefits and communication strategies of principle-based negotiations versus positioned-based posturing.
  • Identify five common gender differences in communication styles.
  • Outline four elements of an efficiently worded yet effective email, with tips on implementation on a broader scale.

  • How to develop or improve your active listening skills, and be able to coach staff and colleagues to do the same.
  • Experiencing the art and science of building rapport through three different “mirror and matching” techniques.
  • Understanding and recognizing key gender differences in communication styles, and how those differences affect staff development, customer engagement, and overall communication effectiveness in day-to-day business meetings and correspondence.
  • Practicing the power of I-messages and how they can be effectively employed during conflict and stressful conversations resulting in win-win outcomes rather than win-lose.
  • Strategizing and delivering principle-based negotiation communications with the goal of win-win, versus traditional positioned-based negotiations that are often win-lose.
  • Apply the 4 elements of an efficiently worded yet effective email, with focus on Subject Line content, and body summaries that highlight Action, Background, and Closings.
  • Small group exercises, to immediately apply or test tactics and be able to use real-life examples from recent business challenges.
  • Report-outs from small groups so that larger group learns from collective experiences.
  • Discussions on how to mentor staff on communication strategies learned in course.
  • List of additional resources for continued learning after the session.

CPAs, Controllers, and Financial Professionals



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