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Calm in the Midst of Chaos: Time and Energy Management

The reality is that we are living in a fast-moving and highly demanding environment with the likelihood of change picking up its pace, rather than slowing down. Our ability to maintain our equilibrium and flourish in the midst of this relies on our ability to manage ourselves, our thinking and our actions. This workshop is designed to integrate the best practices of strategic thinking and strength-based personal leadership to develop personalized strategies to maintaining calm in the midst of chaos. Allowing us to be the best version of ourselves more often than not.

  • This interactive session is designed to bring fresh perspective and tangible new strategies from the field of positive psychology and neuropsychology to restore a sense of well-being, strengthen our ability to “bend without breaking,” reduce stress levels and increase productivity and positivity.
  • Identify your habits that burn up time
  • Identify your “stress buttons”
  • Learn the Theory of Well Being and what it has to do with yours
  • A daily process for prioritization
  • Shortcuts to developing positive habits

  • Top 10 Time Wasters
  • Top 10 Stress Boosters
  • The Theory of Well Being (PERMA) and your PERMA Portfolio
  • High Life ROI
  • Creating Priorities
  • “Best of” ideas for developing positive habits
  • Lots of good discussion about the reality of working hard on the right stuff

Anyone who wants to increase their well-being whether that is measured in personal life satisfaction or in productivity and professional recognition


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