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Business Innovation in The Experience Economy

What was your most memorable customer experience in the past year? What can professional services firms learn from the success of Starbucks, Apple, and American Girl Place? We are all living and working in The Experience Economy. Goods and services have been commoditized and consumers and businesses spend increasing amounts of money on experiences. How can you differentiate your business by shifting from providing commoditized goods and services to “staging” memorable and compelling customer experiences Whatever your business, a shift in the very fabric of the economy is a time to act boldly. Delivering transformational customer and employee experiences can be clear differentiators in every industry. The course materials are adapted for the professional services industry from the The Experience Economy (1999 and 2011, Harvard Business School Press). The presenter is one of the first 10 people in the world to be certified as an Experience Economy Expert (2006).

  • Envision how to grow your business by delivering transformational customer experiences
  • Recognize the importance of aligning the customer experience with an enriched employee experience
  • Access scorecards that will allow you to assess the current state of your customer and employee experiences and identify specific areas for improvement.

  • The Progression of Economic Value (POEV) from The Experience Economy
  • Differentiating the Customer Experience in Professional Services
  • Enriching the Employee Experience in Professional Services
  • The Five Stages of an Experience
  • Best Principles of Experience Design
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty by Eliminating Customer Sacrifice

This course is most appropriate for business and talent leaders in professional services organizations.

Customer and Employee Experience Strategy

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