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Auditing Defined Contribution Retirement Plans

Take the next step in your career development and learn how to go beyond the basics in preparing workpapers and financial statements in audits of employee benefit plans. This course will provide the auditor with the tools necessary to understand the complex rules and regulations that affect employee benefit plans as well as guidance on addressing deficiencies. Through group discussions and contemporary case studies, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the procedures needed to effectively plan and carry out your audits.

  • Identify different types of defined contribution plans that are available to plan sponsors.
  • Analyze complex audit and accounting issues associated with defined contribution plans.
  • Identify the different types of investment options that may be available to participants
  • including the audit procedures for complex investments.
  • Analyze various fraud examples and develop the appropriate audit responses.
  • Apply rules and regulations associated with auditing and reporting for defined contribution retirement plans.

Practitioners with experience auditing defined contribution and defined benefit plans

Experience with the employee benefit plan audit process and a working knowledge of ERISA



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