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Advanced Business Law for CPAs

Get a solid understanding of complex legal issues that come up every day and learn how to respond to them. Issue identification is often what separates top financial officers and managers from others. This course covers legal issues in employment, contracts, intellectual property, corporate law, securities, business taxes, environmental regulation, and public company matters. Limit your clients’ individual liability and insurance, head off tax issues, and take advantage of alternate forms of dispute resolution.

  • Identify complex legal issues typically encountered by businesses.
  • Interpret measures that businesses can implement to reduce legal exposures for entities, officers, and directors.
  • Evaluate business disputes and potential resolutions. Trends in business law among topics including employment, tax, liability, intellectual property, and many more.
  • Assess trends in today’s business environment.

  • Employment cases covering topics such as at-will employment, constructive discharge, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, whistleblower rights, and more
  • Protecting intellectual property of the business, including how to prevent migration of the business’s trade secrets
  • Tips and traps in reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • Significant cases filed against business, and how these cases might have been avoided or damages mitigated
  • Securities regulation and business insurance
  • Key cases and legislative developments in business tax, environmental, and corporate law
  • Alternate forms of dispute resolution, including pros and cons of arbitration and mediation

CPAs in business and industry, and CPAs in public practice who want to increase their knowledge of legal issues encountered by businesses

Experience in, and knowledge of, legal issues encountered by businesses




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