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Winning New Business – It’s in the DNA

Nobel laureate, Francis Crick, said, “James Watson and I were able to discover the structure of the DNA molecule because we were the only people in the hunt who didn’t know what it was supposed to look like. “Think about how the most successful salespeople are those who are able to suspend the tendency to make assumptions about client needs”. Winning business is not about positioning your firm, but about engaging in a strategic dialogue with, listening to, and understanding the client better than any of your competitors. With this engaging and humorous presentation, you will discover a different kind of DNA-the Deliberate Needs Analysis, in which learning about the prospect becomes more important than telling your story.

Learning Objectives
  • Know the difference between a need and a solution
  • Understand that good questions are better than good answers
  • Mastering active listening as a critical differentiator
  • Learn a few techniques to improve your listening skills

Major Topics
  • Achieving leverage through better meeting preparation
  • Understanding the elements of a strong relationship to drive behavior
  • Developing approaches and techniques to ask the tough questions
  • Simulations of real-world engagements

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Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing



Business Learning Institute

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