Will We Ever Agree? The Ethics of Trust, Truth … and Tomorrow

“Polarization” is the polite word for it, but the fractured political world seems to reflect an ever-widening divide among us on the personal and professional level as well. Often, it boils down to: “What are they thinking? How can they possibly believe that?” Too often, the result is anger, frustration, wasted energy, paralyzing stalemates and lose-lose outcomes.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed as an ethical “survival kit.” It addresses the rifts at the grass roots: in families, organizations and communities. And it makes suggestions – based on ancient and modern thinking – that might help you understand and heal the divisiveness by:

  • Coping with unexpected change
  • Prying open your perspective
  • Moving closer together, if not agreeing
  • Getting “unstuck” from the standoff of polarization.

Major Topics

This is an interactive (but not embarrassing) course with many creative exercises and videos. For example, we will be discussing:

  • Seven key strategies to build trust in “post-truth” times
  • Why the answer to “how?” is “yes”
  • The seven different ways of “knowing”
  • The “Wisdom Pattern” from order to disorder to reorder
  • The “Third Way” beyond “fight” or “flight”
  • How “fear-setting” can be as helpful as “goal-setting”
  • The power of “yes…and…” thinking
  • The usefulness of “Vent Diagrams”
  • The advantages of consensus-building over majority rule
  • Tools and resources to help overcome polarization

Who Should Attend

Leaders and others who want to get beyond the deadlock of polarization and onto a healthy, productive future for themselves and their organizations.

Fields of Study
Behavioral Ethics


Open mind

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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