What Next? Inventing a New Niche for Yourself

Perhaps it happened suddenly; perhaps it happened gradually; but what you used to do to succeed isn’t succeeding any more A weaker economy, stronger competition, a merger or acquisition, an advance in technology or just plain boredom all can make you want to change your career, your company’s business or your practice focus. But, how do you do that This highly interactive course will reveal to you how the process goes from the inside out and offers many “hands on” exercises.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover how to be creative about who you are, innovative about how you redefine what you do in a new area, and be clear about how you re-package yourself and your firm or practice
  • Identify a variety of proven business and personal methodologies and some of your creativity – to help you chart new strategies for success

Major Topics
  • Who are you
  • Clarifying your identity and that of your company, your firm or your practice
  • Where are you going Hunting for a new destination: A Blue Ocean of opportunity amid the highly competitive red oceans where youre swimming
  • How do you market it Selling your idea to partners, employees, investors, clients and customers

Who Should Attend

Leaders and others who want to regain a competitive edge in a new area or field

Fields of Study
Personal Development



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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