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Using Healthy Workplace Conflict to Create Innovation

Conflict immediately invokes thoughts of battle, shouting matches, silent treatment or even negative relationships. However, conflict can be a natural process of communication that facilitates the sharing of divergent viewpoints. In this session we will discuss how leaders see conflict as a necessary process to improve, evolve and achieve high results that lead to workplace innovation that impacts internal and external products and services. Learn the processes to gain multiple perspectives on critical issues to make your workplace a high performing environment where idea sharing and healthy discourse can thrive. (This course can be taught from a 1.5 up to a 4-hour format and can be customized to deliver to all levels.)

Learning Objectives
  • Apply communication techniques more effectively
  • Use healthy discourse to create a high-performing work environment
  • Self-examine needs and understand the needs of others when conflict arises
  • Recognize a “better good” that will spark innovation within group dynamics

Major Topics
  • Leaders and conflict
  • Barriers or group think
  • Why is conflict good?
  • Addressing Workplace Conflict in two categories – “like-to-have” “need-to have”
  • 5 ways conflict is handled in the workplace (and life)
  • How to effectively manage conflict and create a high performing workplace and innovation

Who Should Attend

Teams, Leaders and new employees

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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