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Understanding Unconscious Bias – From Awareness to Action

Bias is a normal brain function. It doesn’t make us bad people, it just makes us human. Unconscious biases are learned, automatic and unintentional reactions and responses to our environment – which includes interpersonal relationships. Understanding unconscious bias is a critical first step in building more equitable and inclusive workplaces. This session will explain unconscious bias, explore how it effects business norms and culture, and offer insights into what we can do to reduce its impact on our work relationships and decision making.

Learning Objectives
  • Define unconscious bias and its impact on relationships and business culture
  • Understand how bias impacts decision, behaviors and actions
  • Explore strategies for overcoming bias to foster a more equitable and inclusive workplace

Major Topics
  • We will explore the relationships between bias, nonconscious intention, and awareness
  • How unconscious bias effects workplace culture, business norms and firm culture
  • We will provide suggested strategies and practices that can help build awareness to reduce the impact of unconscious bias in our working relationships

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Firms and organizations seeking to improve their understanding of unconscious bias and its impact on employee experience, workplace norms and firm culture. We will review the relationship between bias and decision making, and how unconscious bias impacts our decision making and interpersonal communication. We will discuss the importance of self-awareness in building a personal action plan for reducing the effect of unconscious bias in our working relationships.

Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources



Business Learning Institute

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