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Training: How to Effectively (and Painlessly) Teach Your Staff

As an executive, partner, or manager, you know that training is vital. You’re a firm believer in the importance of a knowledgeable staff whether it’s a CPA topic, a company message, or a professional development skill. But, training takes time, and time is limited. However, the consequences are that you deny your staff of their necessary training or you procrastinate and then ineffectively throw something together at the last minute. This course will review easy steps to create training sessions on any topic and show you how to efficiently and (relatively painlessly) avoid those scenarios and provide quality training. You’ll receive fun, interactive activities that you can use with your staff.

Learning Objectives
  • Avoid frustration by learning practical techniques to train staff whatever the topic or message
  • Discover how to train non-technical staff, as well as CPAs
  • Learn how to create exercises and activities that encourage your participants to apply and retain their new knowledge (adults learn by doing)
  • Understand how adults learn
  • Learn how to facilitate discussion

Major Topics
  • The worst question you can ask in training
  • How to ask better questions
  • Tips on how to encourage interaction and participation
  • The special methods for creating the most effective program
  • How to keep participants interested
  • Using different mediums to appeal to different types of learners
  • How a brainstorming session is a unique type of training

Who Should Attend


Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing


People who manage staff or people who need to train staff

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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