The Millennial Mindset meets COVID Realities – Storm Clouds and Silver Linings

A fresh look at the key Millennial generation from a behavioral and motivational viewpoint, with a focus of what they have in common with those who come from other worlds, other value systems and other generations. We will reflect the post-covid realities of a multi-generational workforce, and we will overlay the realities of modern management with a realistic look at the modern distributed workforce. This will not be a session that is critical of the differences between populations, rather we will focus on parallels and overlapping strengths. We will review how the foundations of finance and accounting are shifting, and how the scarce Millennials are key to making the profession sustainable.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the differing thinking styles of the modern workforce, and identify those with a “Millennial” mindset, no matter what birth year.
  • Implement and practice proven tactics to engage and motivate the next generation of leaders while working in a distributed workplace where teams are mixed in offices and home environments that may be time zones apart.
  • Identify changes you can make in the culture of your organization by coaching and facilitating new behaviors and building new processes among a multi-generational distributed work team.

Major Topics
  • Digital immigrants vs. Digital Natives – a look at the key attributes of those who are able to adapt and adopt to shifting technological issues, and those that need more time and must work harder to keep up.
  • Key points on what makes a good remote employee and who should work in a face to face environment.
  • The shift from customer service to customer experience, and how the COVID experience has sped up the transition to a “one size fits one” client mindset
  • How the skill of mentoring and coaching have moved to the forefront in the cross-generational management world.
  • A short course on motivation methods that work with the millennial mindset, and a review of well-intentioned methods that are likely to fail over time
  • Understanding specific competencies that are crucial human skills in this “New Normal” era:

    – Transparency – Making the invisible visible to all levels of organization
    – Flexibility – responsiveness enables success
    – Speed of response – building trust and offering development in both authority and responsibility as a part of personal growth
    – Critical thinking and decision-making abilities for the Millennial mindset.

Who Should Attend
  • Anyone who currently supervises or will be supervising in the future
  • Anyone that will benefit from an understanding of the future workforce
  • Anyone with a design and development role of the Accountant or Finance Professional of the future

Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization


Experience as a supervisor on working towards becoming a supervisor.

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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