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The Hybrid Work Environment – A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

The world of work operates today as it if was still the 1950’s (think Mad Men – the hit HBO series about an add agency). While the demands on our time continue to increase, and technology swoops in to help us manage more and more everyday, we still fundamentally operate around the notion that work happens at a certain time, from a certain place, in a certain way. The Hybrid Work Environment exists within these long out of date beliefs around how work “should” happen. The workplace revolution is long overdue, and the pandemic has shone a bright spotlight on problems we simply cannot continue to ignore – less we want to lose all of our talent to organizations who have finally found the courage, curiosity and humility to update their people practices.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand why the Hybrid Work Environment is not revolutionary, and will change nothing about how we’ve approached work for the last 50 years.
  • Experiment with a contemporary and truly innovative approach to work through an evolved workforce mindset.

Major Topics
  • The workplace revolutions that weren’t (constantly redesigning the physical space)
  • Workplace Flexibility (Hybrid) and it’s failure to give employees what they truly desire/need to be efficient and effective.
  • What we learned from this grand WFH experience (that many of our deepest beliefs about how work happens are rooted in ineffective and out of date orthodoxies for a world that hasn’t existed for decades).
  • What a contemporary, equitable, customer focused and employee empowering work environment looks like through a shift in our collective mindset about work.

Who Should Attend

Revolutionaries, disruptors, status-quo breakers, and anyone who is fed up with the office politics, the endless number of meetings that waste time, the subjective judgement about how you do your work (where and when) rather than objectivity around what you actually produce (measurable results).

Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization, Management Services, Personal Development, Personnel/Human Resources


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