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The Future Workforce Post-pandemic

Is the pandemic over? How much longer will it continue? What is happening to our workforce as habits, expectations and new realities morph traditional work environments into virtual and hybrid experiences. In this session, we will examine how the pandemic has changed the expectations of both employer and employee. We will discuss the likely work environment over the next several years including: adapting to a more flexible work environment, blending of work and personal lives, managing the future hybrid workforce and still accomplishing the goals and tasks of the department. We shall also examine how the current workforce will most likely experience their own personal stress as we come out of the pandemic, recruiting in this new environment and paying attention to the needs of a different workforce.

Learning Objectives
  • Adopt and adapt to a more flexible work environment
  • More easily blend your work and personal life
  • Gain an understanding to better manage a hybrid workforce

Major Topics
  • Tools to manage a hybrid workforce
  • Help your team manage their personal/work related stress
  • Understand how to manage the remote workforce
  • Returning to the office

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Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization

Business Learning Institute

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