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The Big 5: Excel and PowerBI Data Topics

Do you work with data? Or manage a team that works with data? If so, they likely use Microsoft Excel!

The data skills toolkit, at the most basic level for any professional working with data, includes the extracting, modeling and analysis of data, and, ultimately, communicating insight for decision making.

Excel, an application you likely use everyday, includes all these capabilities and is the perfect gateway to PowerBI, Microsoft’s visualization platform.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Explain the “ETLR” data analysis construct and where Excel and PowerBI tools fit.
2. Identify Excel’s Power Tools and the purpose of each.
3. Understand several “modern” Excel capabilities and how they would impact your workflow.
4. Explain the benefits of Excel and PowerBI, and why they are “better together.”

Major Topics

The data skills toolkit, at the most basic level for any professional working with data, includes the following 5 components:

1. Get and Transform (aka PowerQuery), including the M-Code language
2. PowerPivot (Data Model and DAX language)
3. Data related Excel Functions (LOOKUPS, Dynamic Arrays Functions)
4. Pivot Tables (for analysis)
5. Communicating Insight (Reporting,Charts and Visualizations)

You will be introduced to each of these topics, which will enable you to kick start your learning journey to advancing your data analytics skills.

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in understanding Excel’s modern data capabilities and kick starting the journey into PowerBI. This session will set the framework to get you moving!

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Computer Software & Applications



Business Learning Institute

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