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The 60-Minute MBA – Why Business School Won’t Make You Rich…But THIS Might

This is a course about your unrecognized potential. It focuses on the “soft” skills that are too hard for schools to teach – and are the secrets of success in a world moving too fast for old-fashioned “credentials.”

Learning Objectives

Greg Conderacci is proud to say he was never “qualified” for any job he ever had. That contention becomes interesting when you consider those jobs included writing economics for The Wall Street Journal, being chief marketing officer for an investment bank and a health insurance company, starting Maryland’s biggest soup kitchen, and teaching at the world’s leading school of public health. This course doesn’t celebrate incompetence or diminish the value of expertise (like a CPA credential). Quite the opposite. Instead it seeks to answer questions like:

  • Why are the “soft skills” so hard?
  • Why are college dropouts (like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs) sometimes so successful?
  • What’s the “secret sauce” to supplement your credentials?

Major Topics
  • Change the way you think about your education – then and now
  • The five biggest career mistakes you can make
  • Ten skills the future will demand
  • Strategies for planning when the outlook is so uncertain

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Fields of Study
Personal Development



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