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Technical Training: We’re Doing it WRONG – How to Transform a Dry and Tiring Lecture Into an Engaging and Collaborative Event

Technical topics can be a challenge for the trainer. They are content heavy, minutely detailed, and not exactly inspiring. As a result, we hear comments such as, “thank you (yes, in lower case); This was too long. I’m not sure I can apply this.” Or worse yet, we hear nothing. It can be easy for a trainer to say, “The content is boring; I have to cover everything. There’s nothing I can do.” And they would be right, right, and wrong!

Even the most boring topic can be turned into a presentation that engages the audience, inspires interaction, increases retention, and you can have fun doing it! It does require a different approach, but with a few tips, tricks, and techniques, you too can hear, “That was great. So much great information. The time flew by. I learned so much.”

This session will demonstrate how to transform dry, technical content into engaging stories, slides that connect, activities to connect, and exercises to practice. Use the “less is more” approach to ensure your audience walks away with the key points that they need to understand and implement.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the elements of a great presentation
  • Recall the process for developing a presentation
  • Identify techniques for engaging the audience, in-person and virtually
  • Apply methods for improving slides
  • Practice virtual delivery techniques

Major Topics

Recommended Format:

  • Two four-hour sessions at least one week apart
  • Before the first session, participants will be asked to complete a survey regarding their challenges and issues with technical trainings
  • The first session will focus on theory, tips, tricks, and techniques to improve
  • In between the 2 sessions, there will be homework for participants to practice making changes to content and delivery.
  • The second session will debrief and support the implementation
  • The sessions will be highly interactive with both individual and group exercises in breakout rooms. Participants will have an opportunity to practice in real-time and get feedback on their approaches

Advanced Preparations

Before the first session, participants will be asked to complete a survey regarding their challenges and issues with technical trainings.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who provides technical training to others.

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing, Personal Development



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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