Talent Management – People as a Competitive Advantage in “Not Normal” Times

Connect the dots with Customer Service, Worker’s Compensation, Health Insurance and Employee Engagement. In this fast paced presentation, we will look for “Silver Bullets” in Talent Management, and then apply that knowledge to aligning HR with the core values and vision of the organization. This is not a “soft and squishy” presentation on happy talk and vague theories.

Learning Objectives
  • Uncover what has changed in today’s job seekers and why we need to change the game
  • Learn a series of steps that every organization must follow to make sure that they are hiring employees that will make a difference, based on valid data
  • As a final takeaway, Karl will share the first draft of a Human Capital Financial Statement – and allows everyone to share ideas and information about making your people a competitive advantage

Major Topics
  • The hiring process is broken – with the changing workforce and the “time crunch” everyone feels, the process of hiring must be adapted to the times
  • The talent pool is changing – the differing generations and the increasing expectations of the workforce are causing real gaps in what is wanted and who is hired
  • The answer can be simple – the existing processes are producing exactly the results that they were planned for. Change the process for a better result, and measure it better.

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Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources



Business Learning Institute

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