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Strengthen Inquiry Skills – Tips for Gathering the Information You Need

Recent developments in various professional and regulatory standards have increased the importance of effective client inquiry as a means of gathering sufficient and appropriate evidence to support conclusions. This course will provide proven tips and techniques to be proficient at conducting effective interviews to gather information necessary to satisfy objectives.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe best practices for effectively gathering information needed for client management, employees and other
  • Apply techniques to maintain and enhance interpersonal relationships while interacting with clients
  • Explain how to evaluate whether information obtained is sufficient to satisfy objectives

Major Topics

  • Overview of common uses of inquiry to satisfy various professional and regulatory standards and requirements
  • Potential traps and downfalls when relying on inquiry to support objectives
  • Structuring interviews for maximum effectiveness
  • Constructing effective questions to satisfy intended objectives
  • Understanding important “attentive listening” skills
  • Analyzing communications for clues of deception
  • Options for increasing the persuasiveness of information gathered through inquiry
  • Emphasizing the soft skills necessary to enhance and preserve interpersonal relationships
  • Managing conflict and other uncomfortable interview situations

Who Should Attend

Public accountants interested in tips and techniques for improving the quality of evidence gathered from clients

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Business Learning Institute

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