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State of Accountancy: Waves of Change

Tom Hood, CPA, CGMA CITP discusses hard trends forming big waves of disruption and change across the CPA profession, and the need for the accounting and finance professional to recognize them and respond proactively. Will the accounting industry be like the taxicab industry fighting Uber? Or will it embrace and extend these oceans of opportunity and learn how to surf? Learn about the concept of a fourth industrial revolution, recognize why you need to be prepared and the steps needed to navigate this change.

This course is offered in 3 individual nano learning tutorials, each offering a recommended 0.2 CPE credit hours.

Module 1: Waves of Change: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
We are facing a perfect storm of trends and changes. This change can mark an opportunity to rise to new heights or it may just as easily signal the beginning of the end. Are you future-ready?

Module 2: Waves of Change: Oceans of Opportunity
How will you face the waves of change? Will you inch into the waves or will you jump in? When waves come crashing in, will you be facing them or is your back to them, leaving you unprepared and not knowing when the next big one will hit?

Module 3: Waves of Change: Navigating Change
In an age of rapid change, of increasing complexity, the winners will be those who can get their rate of learning greater than the rate of change and greater than their competition. You must make time for the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Module 1: Recognize the 3 hard trends that are causing waves of change
  • Module 2: Recognize challenges and opportunities of the big wave world
  • Module 3: Identify the 6 key ways to ride the waves of change

Major Topics

  • Technology changes
  • Globalization impact
  • Generation Flux
  • Future trends
  • Anticipation
  • Future skills

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

All CPAs and professionals in public practice and industry.

Fields of Study

Personal Development


Recommend taking in module order.


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