Social Media: From Skeptic to Stardom

We all know the social movement is about connecting, collaborating and building relationships. Sooner or later, though, the boss is going to utter the words every social media fan dreads: “What’s the ROI?” In this interactive session, Bill Sheridan will lay out five reasons why every business (and business person) needs to be using social media — and using it now.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify why personal branding is more important today than ever
  • Discuss why social media can help them stand out from the crowd
  • Establish specific steps they can take to boost their brands through the use of social media

Major Topics

  • Learn what’s happened in business today that makes social media so vital
  • Examine the benefits of using social media in business
  • Learn why we must take control of our personal brands
  • Learn the basics of using social media to stand out from the crowd

Who Should Attend

CPAs who want to conquer changes and differentiate themselves from the competition

Fields of Study

Communications and Marketing




Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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