Sexual Harassment – The Current Landscape and the Way Forward

We are in a time of accusations and resignations and this disruption will affect all organizations. Sexual harassment is a topic that needs to be addressed directly and openly to avoid damaging your organization’s reputation and the high performing cultures we have worked hard to build. This moderated panel discussion will address the subject of the harassment from three different perspectives – an attorney, human resources professional, and a business owner. Listen in to a lively discussion about how we got here, what we should do, and what challenges are on the horizon once we work through these issues. We will discuss the past, confront the present and anticipate the future. (Please note: The webcast has a Maryland-centric focus.)

Learning Objectives
  • Interpret what is and is not considered harassment
  • Recognize why it has become such an issue now
  • Identify what liability exposure (obvious and non-obvious) an organization has
  • Recognize actions or behaviors that are likely to create a harassment claim
  • Identify steps for responding to an employee/client claim should they claim harassment in your organization
  • Identify the steps that every organization should take now to prevent claims

Major Topics
  • DIrect and open discussion about sexual harassment
  • How we got here, what we should do, challenges on the horizon
  • Harassment from three different perspectives – an attorney, human resources professional, and a business owner
  • Liability exposure
  • Actions or behaviors that could create a harassment claim
  • Organizational response to harassment claims
  • Steps every organization should take now

Who Should Attend

Leadership teams, HR professionals, Supervisors and employees who want to gain a better understanding of ethical behaviors

Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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