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Seven Secrets of Successful Business Writing

Although good business writing can be a life-long pursuit, it is possible to learn the basic principles of good business writing in a relatively short period of time. This course is about the art and skill of good business writing. In particular, it’s about how to write business letters, memos, reports, and e-mails in a clear, concise and effective manner that will reflect well on the writer, be easy to read and meet the needs of his or her organization. (Available in 4 or 8 hour format)

Greg Conderacci, a BLI Senior Fellow, will be the trainer. Although he has a Magna Cum Laude degree in English from Princeton University where he was also Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Princetonian, Greg learned to write at America’s Best Writing School: The Wall Street Journal. One of the most intensively edited newspapers in the world, The Journal’s crisp, clear style has always been its hallmark. Greg was a Journal reporter for seven years, four in Detroit covering the auto industry and three in Washington covering economic policy. Today, he is a popular lecturer in the Marketing Department at the Johns Hopkins University Business School.

Learning Objectives
  • Outline the fundamental rules of good business writing
  • Provide participants a hands-on opportunity to put the rules into practice
  • Offer assorted helpful “tips and tricks”
  • Have fun

Major Topics
  • Now They Tell Me: What You Didn’t Learn in School
  • Burning Your Brain at Both Ends: They Warned You, But… [Outlines and the Power of Organization]
  • The Secret of the Formula One Writing [Leaner, Lighter, and Long on Horsepower]
  • Sucked into the E-Mail Trap [Do’s and Don’t’s of Good E-Mail]
  • The Strange Case of the Mysterious Mail [A Case Study]
  • I Can’t Believe I Said That [An Editing and Rewriting Exercise]

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to improve his or her writing especially anyone in a leadership role

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing


Some familiarity with business writing

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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