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Running a Not for Profit Like a Business

No margin-No mission! is the trumpet call for Not-for-Profits (NFPs) to be more business-like. Do you have clients that need to understand better how to run their NFP like a business? Are you an NFP that needs to inject more business- like behavior to make your organization successful? This course will help you understand how NFPs and For-Profit Businesses are alike and different. The course will also introduce best practices that can be utilized by the NFP to become more strategic, profitable, efficient and accountable.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the similarities and differences between NFPs and For-Profit Businesses
  • Identify the need for practical, useful strategic planning and implementation of the planning process
  • Understand how to manage a Board of Directors
  • Explain why Vision and Mission are so important to an organization
  • Describe current trends affecting NFP organizations
  • Discover how Alignment and Accountability increase the NFP effectiveness
  • Manage employees in a NFP (balance of passion, mission and lack of funds)
  • Identify the danger of the Holy Grail – for profit subsidiaries
  • Train non-financial staff on financial matters and accountability

Major Topics
  • Difference between not for profit and for profit
  • The secret competitive advantage of not for profits
  • Trends in the NFP industry
  • Strategic planning
  • Business models
  • Managing a Board of Directors
  • Managing employees in an NFP environment
  • Managing volunteers
  • Training non-financial staff on financial topics
  • Ethical issues in NFP organizations

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for CPAs in both public practice and industry that want to improve Not-for-Profit Organizations that they are associated with.

Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization



Thorsten Consulting Group, Inc.

CPE Credits


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