Respect, Safety and Ethics: the Next Step in Harassment Avoidance – Employee Training

There are moments in American History where we have examined our attitudes towards fundamental things – civil rights, sexuality, equal pay; now we are facing the crucible of sexual harassment. You may think we are going through a “perfect storm” of Harassment in the workplace, but it is bigger than that. It appears to be fundamental climate change in how we handle power and ethics. Accusations and resignations – this presentation will explain how we got here, what we should do, and what challenge is on the horizon once we work through these issues.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the importance of ethics, hidden biases and power
  • Recognize warning signs of the past that were ignored
  • Identify modern “trigger points” that started the avalanche
  • Recognize what is, and what isn’t harassment
  • Identify ways to measure the organization’s level of harassment risk
  • Identify steps to transition your training model to get traction with modern audiences
  • Recognize signs that your training is working

Major Topics
  • Attitudes towards fundamental things – civil rights, sexuality, equal pay
  • Power and ethics
  • Hidden biases
  • “Trigger points”
  • Level of harassment risk
  • Training model to get traction

Who Should Attend

Leadership teams; HR professionals

Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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